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Terms and Conditions


By interacting with this website, the User agrees to the below Terms and Conditions and Policies in their entirety, without modification.



The User acknowledges that he/she accepts these Terms and Conditions with the understanding that the User is contractually bound by the terms thereof, without modification.



By using this website, the User acknowledged notice of and agrees to the terms of the Club's Privacy Policy, which may be accessed here.


Please note:  All cancellations must be made in person or by calling the Club.      

No cancellations will be accepted online or by text. No exceptions.

Season Courts-
24-hour notice is required for cancellation of any class session. If a class is cancelled at least 24 hours in advance, a make-up will be considered. The make-up will be scheduled at a time specified by the Club.  Only 3 make-ups are allowed per season and must be used within the current year. If there is a no show for a make-up, that make-up time will be forfeited.  

Cancellation of a session must be made at least 2 weeks prior to the first day of the session.  No refunds will be given once the session has started.



These Terms and Conditions constitute a legal agreement between the Company and the User. The agreement begins the moment the User begins interacting with the website and ends when the User ceases using the website or accessing the services provided herein.

Amendments to the Terms and Conditions will be effective when posted on the website by the Club and accepted by the User.

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