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Make up policy

Missed Classes & Make Up Policy

For all classes missed because of rain, AlSaah Tennis Academy will offer makeups during the week prior to the summer camp of 2024 between June 17 to June 22. 

If a student is unable to attend one of their scheduled classes, they must cancel their class online 24-hours before the start of the class. No text, emails, or phone call requesting a cancellation is accepted.

As always, one emergency cancellation per session is granted. For these cancellations due to illness or unexpected issues, made with less than 20-hour notice, credit will be returned.

Any missed classes that remain after the end of the last week of the Spring Session between June 17 and June 22 prior to Summer Camp students will transfer credits into the Summer Camp of 2024.

When notification is provided 20-hours before the start of class, that class credit will be returned to the student so they can schedule another class at their level. These credits are for individual day booking and cannot be used for class registration.

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